Eternal Slumber

A magnificent love this infatuation became,
She relished the thought of entering his den.
His power she craved without guilt or shame,
His heart she wrenched again and again.
She came to him with silken promises
Of tender touch and untold delights.
He soared to her in his genesis
Believing they would reach new heights.
In the end, he saw through her deceit.
To sustain her mask of cruel glamour,
Became an impossible, unattainable feat.
She fell to her knees, lost her proud swagger.
He watched as his world came crashing down.
She struggled as she lost her tenacious grip,
He battled his tears for fear he would drown.
And into a deep dark abyss would he tumble and slip.
As he cried, begged for mercy from her twisted heart,
She only knew what her own soul demanded.
While he crumbled as his spirit fell apart,
She fled away, her plan abandoned.
He reached out with no warmth in sight,
Not knowing her love had found another.
He felt the dread of the cold dark night,
As he drifted away to an eternal slumber.

~CWylde © 2015


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