Love Magic

To breathe – magic.
To sigh – magic.
To simply be – magic.
To love – magic.
I marvel at the magic
Of life that breathes,
Life that makes me sigh,
Life that simply is,
Life that is filled with love.
This is the mystical part
Of simply being alive.
It is the art of creating,
The craft of being,
The reality of loving
That takes me from
The mundane to
The amazingness
Of loving life.
It takes me beyond
The fantasy of loving,
To the reality of loving.
This is the real magic of life.

~CWylde © 2015


2 thoughts on “Love Magic

  1. Very nice. And I am totally on-board with this sentiment. Everything is and can be magic. And the reality of loving? When I figure that out, I’ll consider myself the greatest magician of all. 😀


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