It’s Elemental, My Dear


Born to a water sign,
I live in my emotions,
At the cusp of a fire sign,
I exude extreme passions.
Always planning, always dreaming
In the air’s swift current,
My thoughts over power my heart,
Often to my torment.
I dare not stay afloat
In the air and water too long,
My fire that burns deep inside
May become my torch song.
No, downward, I must go
Holding the beat of Mother Earth,
Strengthening my soul connections,
Validating my worth.
Until once again, I soar
Into the air spreading my wings,
Dive deep into the water,
Relishing life’s wellsprings.
Burn bright with the fire
Opening to full passion,
Mixing the three, creating
A steamy life’s mission.
Always soaring, diving, burning
Brighter with each year,
You see, after all is said and done,
It’s all elemental, my dear.

~CWylde © 2015




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