The ABC’s of Her

Amazing, she was!
Bodacious, full of life!
Courageous, fought hard for what she believed in,
Daring, willing to try new possibilities,
Effervescent, her happiness contagious,
Fragile? Nope, not at all.
Grand, she lives oh so large now,
Happy, she tries and succeeds, most days maybe,
Ineffable, she pushes through it all.
Joyous, she embraces her joy.
Kissable, well, just ask her lovers.
Ladylike? She can be when she wants.
Maverick? She dances to her own dance.
Noble, she moves with undeniable grace.
Oppressed, at one time she was until she found her own
Power, then she became her own woman, without a
Question, she no longer cowered.
Rising up from the ashes like a phoenix,
Soaring on high like the untethered eagle,
Toward her dreams she flew with
Undying resolve to become her own heroine
Victorious and filled with pride, like a lioness, so regal.
Watch her now as she becomes a most amazing creature, not a
Xerox copy of society’s favor, nor without redeemable features.
Yearning to be more than her mother said she’d be. Why she’s a
Zenith shooting straight across the galaxy!
~CWylde © 2015


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