Poems of Passion – a Blitz Poem


Write the heart
Write the raw poems
Poems of emotions felt
Poems with words that tell it all
All is on the line
All the tears flow
Flow down my cheeks
Flow without cease
Cease the pretty lies
Cease the cruel tales
Tales of false senses
Tales of make believe
Believe what you will
Believe what they say
Say what you want
Say what you mean
Mean what you know
Mean the words you utter
Utter nonsense tells your story
Utter imagination shows your fantasy
Fantasy in the reality of love
Fantasy takes me out of here
Here is where I dream
Here is where I hope
Hope for a new tomorrow
Hope for the end of sorrow
Sorrow for the loss of love
Sorrow for the nothing inside
Inside is where the emotions hide
Inside is where my heart is locked
Locked without a key or combination
Locked to any who try to enter
Enter at your own risk
Enter with gentle tenderness
Tenderness opens the emptiness
Tenderness speaks of pure intent
Intent to respect and honor
Intent of holding love so sacred
Sacred as the soul as it rises
Sacred as the spirit as it soars
Soars to new heights unknown
Soars to new possibilities
Possibilities of living with hope
Possibilities of loving passion again
Again I write of emotions and passion
Again I will write of poetic passion
Passion in poems that tell of real love
Passion in poems that speak of real hearts
Hearts …
Love …

~CWylde © 2015
Blitz Poem


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