Yesterday and Tomorrow

There is a moment when life
Becomes more than we can handle,
When unrelenting strife
Fills each moment and day.
Our sorrows become so great
That we find we must run
To an unknown, unseen fate
And bravely enter a new world.
My yesterdays were filled
With untold stress and tears.
So many scars bearing sorrow
That lasted through the years.
I took a breath and turned away
To what I could not guess,
But I knew there had to be a better day
Than what I had come to know.
Tomorrow now brings a promise
Of true love’s healing balm,
Perhaps an end to the darkness
That threatens the joy I’ve found.
You reached out your hand,
I grasped on for dear life,
I’m following you to your promised land,
Where I will find home and set my world right.

~CWylde © 2015



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