Dance to the Dark

She saw herself spiraling down further,
Pulling into her inner core to find her music,
The sounds of the drum beat, a deep murmur
Twisting its way round her mind, weaving its magic.
Her curiosity piqued at the rhythm beginning,
Its melodious cadence entering her mind,
Dancing, twirling, swaying, she starts spinning,
Body giving way, no longer confined
To the dark thoughts that threatened to take her down
Into a darkened abyss filled with murky waters, empty and bare,
Where she would falter and slip, quickly losing ground.
Instead the melodic tones carry her to a place so rare
She can only dance, pirouette, swirl to a song
Written long ago in the ancient ones tone,
Reaching into her heart and soul, pulling her along,
Into a trance that carries her home.

~CWylde © 2015


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