Juicy and Bodacious

Juicy and bodacious

Her countenance, soft yet bold and daring,

Created from a time when I needed to heal,

Her qualities evident to the women there sharing

Pain and doubts breaking their inner steel.

Picking her up from her shelf where she sits

Watching over me in her bodacious style,

With a wink of her eye, she laughs with such wit,

I realize that she has been mocking me all the while.

Each of my moments of tears shed in the dark,

I hear her remind me my purpose when I gave her life.

“Did you think that creating me was just a lark?

Oh, no, my dear girl, time to put down your strife.

I am here to remind you of your fullness and beauty,

To tell you that you are not less than those vain glorious lasses,

Those women who think they’re all that, so damned snooty.

Nope, my dear, you could easily knock them off their a…..!

Remember what you said when my bosom you crafted?

These curves you sewed into my body so ample?

They’re yours to visualize as the spell you drafted.

Rich and juicy, you promised to sample

All that life offered, no apologies, remember?

Now, my dear, time to pick yourself up off the floor,

Throw away that sad face, girl, live in your splendor,

Stop this self-pity party, you’re becoming quite the bore.

To those who would try to take you back down that road,

Tell them to … well, you know what to say.

You don’t need them to lessen your load,

No, throw those old wet blankets away.

You are magnificent, you are quite a treasure.

Listen to those that see your rare diamonds

That glitter and sparkle and give such pleasure.

Yeah, baby! Send those idiots straight to the lions.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, done with the analogies,

Now take this to heart, live juicy and live life with flair!

Take no prisoners, be you, bodacious, no more apologies,

There’s not a one in this world with you could compare.”

I laugh at her speech, and place her on my table,

I take her words and wind them in my mind.

Now I know I am much more than able

And packing my life in boxes no longer seems unkind.

~CWylde © 2015


3 thoughts on “Juicy and Bodacious

  1. This is an exceptionally wonderful and moving piece – so flowing and well versed – about a personal journey and struggle for self-acceptance …. which can easily be recognized by so many ….

    and what a beautiful creation “she” is – I love her …. glorious and gorgeous … could only be … if fashioned by your hands ….


    1. I want to thank you so much for your kind words. I know this is such a delay in answering. The end of October brought about some extreme life changes. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to sharing more here

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries about time delays – life happens as it does – and so, it is what it is. I hope you are well. 🙂


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