Dear …


Dear Marc S., Remember when you said no one would love me?
Well, you were very wrong!
But you sure looked good in double knit!

Dear Art, You waited to late to say you loved me.
I loved you so, but I was way too young for you.
But you sang so beautifully at my wedding,
and the song you sang really fit!

Dear Jay, Really? You thought you could have your way with me?
Little did you know that I was so strong.
You’re lucky you only had to deal with my neighbor.
But thanks for jump starting my car that cold snowy day!

Dear W., After all those years, you thought you could take me for granted?
Well, at least you were really good at fixing things.
Too bad you couldn’t fix our marriage and threw it all away.

Dear Self, Welcome to new and better!
All those before that made you believe you were unlovable
were only small gnats to be swatted away.
Girlfriend, you are one hell of a catch.
Anyone that takes your love for granted again will be missing out big time.

Oh, and just for the record, I will not be played nor taken for granted. No, not this time around. This time? I will shine!

~CWylde © 2015


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