Lies and Truth

In this, I am telling two lies and a truth in each stanza. You get to decide which is true or not. Have fun!

Lies and Truth

Life was filled with love and joy.
I laughed and sang and danced with glee,
All of my heart went to only one boy
Because in everything, he saw the best of me.

I look back at the girl I once was,
My heart longs to hold her with love and care,
Arms wrapped around her tight without pause,
Telling her it’s okay to dream and dare.

I have the world in my hands.
I laugh, I sing, I dance with glee,
As each day takes me to new daring lands,
Finally, today, I now can break free.

Lies and truth takes my mind to overdrive.
Some lies I tell myself just as I told them to you.
Truth takes me to a place where I feel I’ve arrived,
The lies? Well, some of what I said was true.

~CWylde © 2015


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