Her Treasure

There was a moment
When the promise of release
Was more than a promise of intent,
More than a desire to please.
Desire becoming her reason to live,
Craving for his touch,
Longing for the fire that
Burned for his pleasure,
Her ultimate gift to give.
There was a moment
When the promise of release
Brought her to him once again.
Craving his ministrations,
Longing for his sin,
Yearning for his touch on her skin,
Dreaming of being his treasure.
Fingers stroking, teasing, edging,
Playing at his leisure.
Legs parting, opening the way,
She whispers a quiet sigh,
“Love me this day.”
She feels his hands touch
The inner most place where
Her fire builds into intense heat
That cannot be denied, no not today.
He watches intently,
Gauging her reactions.
Forgetting all else,
Greed building tension.
Fingers stroking skin so soft,
Moans leaving her lips.
Her eyes closed, breath caught,
As he takes her, holding her hips,
He enters into her with power and control,
Joining with her in rhythm,
Moving into her tempo,
Taking her into his vision.
He sees her closer to reaching the edge,
While he pushes her boundaries,
Fulfilling his pledge.
He’s filled her completely,
She’s coming undone.
Grasping the bedsheets,
Giving into full liberation.
Now, finally nirvana reached,
There’s nothing she sees,
Resistance breached,
His eyes say he’s pleased.

~CWylde © 2015




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