I longed to explore the shore where
My heart fell from the edge of time.
I stood, laid open and raw there,
Silent cries echoed in my mind.
There was certain calm pervading
Gloom filled darkened skies
Even the song birds ceased singing
Their pitiful melancholic melodies.
They say nothing lasts forever,
But the stars beyond the clouds
Told a different tale above the faceless crowds.
I stood there crying, pleading to
Anyone who would listen,
Yearning for a brave strong soul to
Take away the chains built with pain.
Suddenly, I heard your music
Through the mist calling out my name,
The shadows now illuminated,
My cold, hardened heart,
You found the beauty in
The broken places scattered
Across the landscape dark.
Your touch, your words weaved  Throughout my mind,
“Rest awhile in my arms,
You’re safe, you’re mine,”
That day still lingers on in
My weary, mournful soul.
I give you my all now,
Our bond secure, chains strong,
Forged with your love,
Transformed with your control.

~CWylde © 2015



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