I spent my life trying so hard
For that glowing first impression.
Only resulting in a low gloss,
Masked and faked version
Of what I thought I should be
As a woman embracing her sexuality.
Fearful my flaws and imperfections
Would chase even the bravest away,
I hid behind the bravado of
A woman I thought was perfected.
Then one normal, mundane day,
You entered asking me to play.
Eureka! Finally, much more than
A simple Lover’s game,
Much more than just a tease.
My flaws and brokenness
Would not chase you away.
Finally, this love would not end in pain.
Finally, free to become more than
Just a masked puppet on a shelf,
You captured my heart,
Made me whole,
Finally, I loved myself.
I am a woman now
Finding her true peace.
My fears? A vanquished release.

~CWylde © 2015


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