The Best Thing

I woke up this morning,
With this phrase from an old
Christmas favorite running
As a constant loop taking hold.
The night had bore its fears,
Feeling insignificant, unimportant,
Old doubts rising from years of tears
Spilt and dying on a trodden path so silent.
While my mind wanted to see its own truth,
Such that my presence was unneeded,
Questions from a tumultuous youth,
Answers going unheeded.
What if, in this world, I ceased existing?
Would it make a difference?
Ah, those doubts keep persisting.
I imagine a world without my existence.
Of all the things I’ve done in my life,
The best are my daughters.
They’ve brought the world such light,
My heart swells knowing I’m their mother.
If nothing else in this life is accomplished,
I know I’ve done my all, my best,
Perhaps, if I was missed, I’d be astonished,
But with that, I know I could rest.

~CWylde © 2015


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