Soaring Free

There were no priceless gifts of strangers,
Love was not found in kindness in a coin,
No candlelight warmth,
Only unspeakable dangers,
Leaving me alone and forlorn
There in a cold cardboard crib
Keeping me caged and afraid.
Until one day, my spirit
Was set free to fight
My way back from
A lonely landscape so barren.
My heart was as stone,
My soul’s form misshapen.
I learned to live,
Breaking away from chains so tight.
I learned to love again
As my soul took flight.
I soar in a new found acceptance
Of all the beauty I feel from your eyes.
No longer is my heart
Locked up without a key. 
The steel cold-blooded heartless creature
That used to be me
Now softened and warm
Venturing from her barbed wire cage.
Watch me now!
The Raven broke free!

~CWylde © 2015



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