Summer Heat Revival

Heat sweltered in that hot summer night,
Sweat dripped off the brow of righteous Brother White.
Cotton fields wilted waiting for
A taste of cool clear water.
The air hung heavier than the breasts of old Sister Slaughter.
I was a girl with a daisy in my hair.
You were a boy with a gleam and a dare.
You winked, I blushed, the air you kissed,
All the while, Brother White pounded his fist,
Warned us sinners to stay away from evil
Lest temptation gave us over to the devil.
Admonished the sisters and the brothers
Of the First Baptist Church choir
“Sing about it, Saints! Raise your voices higher!”
Yet, as we were budding into long awaited adulthood,
No longer could we deny it,
Though they wished we would.
One nod, one step closer,
A grasp of my hand, a giggle,
Nimble feet running then skipping,
My heart jumped, flop-flipping.
We burst through the doors into that sweltering heat.
Ran to your truck on sure-footed feet.
Ah, ’twas a hot summer night we’ll long remember now,
As sweat dripped from Brother White’s brow.

~CWylde © 2016

Thank you to Prompt Hosts #AshVerse and #bibtp for the inspiration.
Photo attributed to and Kaye Pickett

Old Gothic Revival Church



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