Merely a Woman

I am merely a woman,
No heroic or exceptional human.
No, just a woman with broken and battered dreams,
Who yearns to spread her wings,
And journey high to places unknown,
Places she knows she’ll travel alone.
Ecstatically soar higher and higher
Enveloped in a raging blue-flamed fire.
She’ll bask in her new found freedom,
Savor each untried, untested season,
Free of society’s constraints,
Free of small minded complaints,
Laughing at all those foolish endeavors,
Pitying the loss of untold treasures.
Wondering if this small little world
Where “no” and “shouldn’t” are recklessly hurled
Will raise its oppressive head
And judgingly watch when at last she spreads
Her Raven wings wide and far,
Beyond where the critics are.
She sings in flight and joyous revelry,
Her own sort of 4th of July reverie.
Her voice loud and clear,
Her presence knows no fear.
Her call a warning to all who watch in dismay,
Don’t ignore her or get in her way!
She’s taking her bodacious stand,
She’s showing her triumphant hand.

 © CWylde 2016


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