Eyes met and electricity sparked,

The surprise of their connection
Opened possibilities with its shock,
‘Twas a simple need for heartfelt affection.

They planned and plotted for time together,
Oh, how he anticipated a day of lustful indulgence,
While she yearned for the mark of his leather,
Met with no amount of remorse or reluctance.

Finally, the gathering for two came
As she lit the candles, one by one,
Desire inside her rising, passion’s flame,
Tonight her treasure was his, he won.

She readied herself, red lips and perfume,
Ready to offer her basket of delights,
Eager to present her flower in bloom,
Turn on the magic tucked between her thighs.

What was meant to be a mere summertime diversion,
Was changing its tune, giving him power,
No, this is more than decadent relaxation,
This is where his lust devours.

~CWylde © 2016


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