Live In Joy

I missed Day 5 of #OctPoWriMo yesterday. I was shopping for a wedding dress with my youngest daughter. This poem is dedicated to her and all women who I wish to remind to live in joy.

This poem is written in the form of a Blitz Poem as yesterday’s prompt suggested. Wow! This on was challenging, so I hope it works right. Anyway, Live in Joy, Everyone!

Live In Joy

Sharp as a tack

Sharp as nails

Nails scrape boards

Nails dig in

In my mind

In my skin

Skin the cat

Skin of leather

Leather and lace

Leather his hide

Hide from the world

Hide from ourselves

Ourselves alone

Ourselves in unity

Unity in heart

Unity in spirit

Spirit soars high

Spirit takes flight

Flight of fancy

Flight of forever

Forever never comes

Forever is here

Here is where you are

Here is where I am

Am I making sense

Am I seen

Seen too soon

Seen not enough

Enough of pain

Enough of sorrow

Sorrow be gone

Sorrow goes away

Away with you

Away from there

There you go

There we are

Are you ready

Are you with me

Me and you

Me and I

I am amazing

I am beauty

Beauty is everywhere

Beauty is inside

Inside doesn’t hide

Inside is outside

Outside the box

Outside is joy.


~CWylde © 2016



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