Step Right Up, Folks!

This is ​a free form prose poem in response to a poetry prompt on Twitter from @MadQueenStorm and her #MadVerse #MadCarnival October Fun. 

Step Right Up, Folks!

Wandering through the maze of wannabes and degenerates,

Those of us searching for truth and a real connection must seem easy marks, how hilarious!

“Step right up, folks! Watch them as they crumble,
Seeing is believing! See the lady as she stumbles!”

Oh, I believed those magician tricks,
Gave in so easily, even when the ride was dark and spine-chilling, caught on the River Styx.

His smile was only a mask for what became a scream-o-rama.
My heart went cold as I twisted and tumbled, a bone chilling drama.

Holding on with a white knuckle grip,
I begged for this ride to stop, cried to end this evil trip.

He curled his lip, merely chuckled, and tightened his grip on the last of my soul, my knees buckled.

Letting loose a final blood curdling call
For a sliver of hope, an end to this all,
I saw a small ray of sweet salvation,
Until it too became a lasting affliction.

~ CWylde © 2016


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