Watch the Wildfires

Day 7 is tasty. When I thought of tasty, my first thoughts, of course, went to food, but then I thought of a conversation I had today with myself. I am stepping out in a new gig which requires a whole new mindset. So, tasty for me today is the world of possibilities and potentialities I am opening for myself. That is so tasty!

Today’s form is the Rondel –  not my favorite or best form, but hey, I tried it. Read and please be gentle.

Watch The Wildfires

We reach into our hungers, our highest desires,

Greedily grasping at what we think will bring us joy,

Overlooking inner peace for that newest and greatest toy.

Isn’t it time to honor what our soul requires?

Take the time to frolic and see what transpires,

Cease trudging and slogging, don’t play coy.

Let’s dance with abandon, let’s stoke our fires,

Sing – laugh – play!  For heaven’s sake, enjoy!

Life isn’t an old car needing to kick the tires,

To check and re-check is just  a worn-out ploy.

My friend, that grumpy mindset will always annoy

The free spirit inside waiting for the changes she requires.

Let the inner child out, and just watch the wildfires!


~ CWylde © 2016


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