Two Sides

Unfortunately, I am late for Day 8 of #OctPoWriMo, so I am posting it here anyway.

The prompt for yesterday was Porous. I spent time thinking and meditating over this prompt and all of the possibilities, and what came to mind is how people listen to different sides to beliefs and opinions and soak in information before making an intelligent decision. So, that is what my offering is based on.

The style is a modified Rispetto. I hope you enjoy it.


Two Sides

She never considered herself to be closed,

Never believed in ignoring new philosophies,

Always thoughtful of ideas they posed,

Regarding them as quite innovative policies.

Until the day her own mind saw through

The disregard for all that she knew,

Finally realizing that some just want to fight,

No, they have no desire to speak what’s right.

She studied and read both sides of the argument,

Listened intently to the points they vehemently made.

She absorbed so-called truth with explicit intent.

She even watched their dramatic charade.

Finally, armed with both sides of the positions,

She sat and pondered the frightful conditions.

Her mind made up, her heart set straight.

Today, she would simply not cooperate.


~CWylde © 2016


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