Day 19 – OctPoWriMo – She Stands

I am playing catch up with the last three days of OctPoWriMo due to massive moves in my life right now. The prompt for Day 19 was Tree. When I think of a tree, I think of the strength of a woman. The format is an Ode – a tribute or praise of something. So, here is my ode to a Tree.

She Stands


She stands majestically,

Limbs outstretched embracing all she loves,

Roots anchored deep in the Mother’s womb,

Legs, her trunk, strong and able.

Her hair wild and free as it blows

With the winds of change.

She bends when she needs to,

Never once breaking under the storms

That threaten her resolve.

No, she is a tree, standing strong,

Her heart knows from where she comes.

Mother, Maiden, Crone,

She stands, often alone,

But always knowing.

She stands majestically.


~CWylde © 2016


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