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Three Words

Wind howling calling to mind …

Deep imaginings anchored
In a time when risk meant
Losing everything to three words
Rich in meaning and filled with Emotions so strong, it scared me.
Here I stand gazing calmly
Into the darkened wishing well
Of fairytales and myths told
Long ago to a girl innocent,
Vulnerable to biases and lies.
Instead of wishing for love,
I wish for a change of heart,
That says I can love you
Regardless of what “they” say
Is right or wrong, true or false.
Those three words mean
The world to me as I say them now.
I love you, with all I have and
Knowing the risk is worth it all.

~ CWylde © 2017


Step Right Up, Folks!

This is ​a free form prose poem in response to a poetry prompt on Twitter from @MadQueenStorm and her #MadVerse #MadCarnival October Fun. 

Step Right Up, Folks!

Wandering through the maze of wannabes and degenerates,

Those of us searching for truth and a real connection must seem easy marks, how hilarious!

“Step right up, folks! Watch them as they crumble,
Seeing is believing! See the lady as she stumbles!”

Oh, I believed those magician tricks,
Gave in so easily, even when the ride was dark and spine-chilling, caught on the River Styx.

His smile was only a mask for what became a scream-o-rama.
My heart went cold as I twisted and tumbled, a bone chilling drama.

Holding on with a white knuckle grip,
I begged for this ride to stop, cried to end this evil trip.

He curled his lip, merely chuckled, and tightened his grip on the last of my soul, my knees buckled.

Letting loose a final blood curdling call
For a sliver of hope, an end to this all,
I saw a small ray of sweet salvation,
Until it too became a lasting affliction.

~ CWylde © 2016

My Thoughts

This world has become one of division, anger, and hatred. The news is filled with it – Orlando, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Beirut, Dallas, and countless others. It spills over into Social Media. It carries over into our interactions on Twitter and Facebook.  It hurts and destroys. There is no justification. Hatred and anger become a virus that breeds upon itself, multiplying until all have forgotten that we are all connected in some form or fashion.

Since my time on Twitter, I have been a victim of cyberstalking. I have an ongoing investigation against a cyberstalker. I have fought hard for 1st Amendment rights, and fought for reinstatement of suspended poet accounts on Twitter that were targeted by a religious group that didn’t like what was being said. I took a lot of heat on that one, but I regret nothing, except, maybe I didn’t do as much as I could have.

But in the end, I learned that I have a voice. I have friends. I have integrity. And I have a heart for those that have none of those. I understand and empathize with even the so-called bad guys. I have learned that we never know what another has gone through or is going through. That last little jab? Might just be the one to send someone over the edge.

My point in this? I am an empath that “sees” and “feels” deeply. I see much more than is on the surface. I understand we are all human and make mistakes and bad judgement. All of us. I support my friends because they see my flaws and love me anyway.  I support my enemies when needed and when I see a wrong because that is the right thing to do. I look at all sides of a story knowing that there are always 3 sides. “Yours,” “Mine,” and the “Truth” somewhere in between. (Don’t know who originally said that, so forgive the lack of attribution, please.)

With that being said, I don’t understand needless attacks on any group – whether it’s religious, racial, gender, or just because “you” don’t like “them.” Sometimes, I want to rant and let my rage out, but I remember what it feels like to be the receiver of that rage. There is never justification of that. Ever.

Me? I’m nothing special. Just trying to do the best I can to make a difference in this world. Just having my moment of say in this time of hate and anger being thrown about so recklessly. Just trying to remind all of us that what we say about others, we say about ourselves. That is how connected we are.

If I can offer one person some hope and kindness, then I can sleep at night.  That? That, is worth this all.

© CRW 2016

My Holiday Thoughts

21 years ago tonight, my Christmas surprise abruptly left me.

At 15 weeks along, I was surprising my family with the news that I was going to have a baby. It was with difficulty and several miscarriages that I was blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. This baby would be number 3 and was very much wanted. On December 24, 1994, at 2 pm I had a car accident on my way to pick up my daughters’ presents from my mother’s house. At 10 pm, I lost my baby.

Tonight, I send love to that baby and reflect on how precious my 2 daughters are to me. My heart may be missing that child, and I miss what could or might have been. But my heart is also filled with love for those in my life that are precious as well.

So to you and yours, I wish you a peaceful and loving holiday season. Be grateful for the love in your life.

Camille Wylde