Day 23 – OctPoWriMo – Rebirth

On OctPoWriMo today, Day 23, there was no suggested format. So, I wrote how I felt. The word prompt is Undoubtedly. I seem to be on a theme of feminine empowerment, so I went with it. Enjoy!


I am not sure of a lot of things.
No deep wisdom is found in these words.
I reach back to wisdom beginnings,
For some piece of knowledge to work towards.

The woman in me longs to boldly sing,
Of songs that rise from deep within
As visions of truth their memories bring
Rising higher than high, let it begin.

What I do know is that love is love is love.
We all have flaws and imperfections.
We all have come-froms to rise above,
Yet through it all, we rise to the occasion.

Undoubtedly, time has brought us here,
To show our value, prove our treasure and worth,
So, throw away your doubts, dry that tear.
Embrace this amazing feminine rebirth.


~CWylde © 2016


Day 22 – OctPoWriMo – Election Blues

Ah, Day 22 of OctPoWriMo – Dangerous. The current election cycle brings to mind a perfect offering for the concept of dangerous. The format is in Trolaan. A different form, but what fun to write! So, here it is, my friends! Election Blues!

Election Blues


Hatred is too strong a word,

Hair raising frustration might be better,

Hazardous storms coming to our world,

Hellfires a’blazing right to the letter.


Absent the niceties and pleasantries,

Acidic tones, harsh words, toxic glares

Abhorrent behaviors rampant with no penalties,

Absurd performances, taking on airs.


Bellowing, roaring unfair dealings

Blistering retorts lascivious deeds,

Babbling overseers express their feelings

Backroom exchanges sprouting seeds.


Effigies will be written in long winded scrolls,

Egotists huff and puff in shortened phrases,

Educated decisions? Watch the straw polls,

Endorsements? No matter, conclude these phases!


~CWylde © 2016
















Day 21 – OctPoWriMo – Gaia’s Call

Today’s prompt for OctPoWriMo, Nature’s Calling, spoke so deeply to me and follows what has seemed to become my theme of late. The form is a Terzanelle – challenging to be sure. So, here is Gaia’s Call

Gaia’s Call

Sitting on the cool rise of a hill

Soft breezes drift through grasses once still

Sitting on the cool rise of a hill.

As sounds call from the birds’ trill

Sighs of remembrance of a time long ago

Give way to a pause, thoughts become still.

From a melody deep within the earth’s womb

An ancient song rises from the waiting souls

Still yearning for release from a weary tomb.

Silent tears from another time and place

Trickle down my cheek wetting cool grass green,

Finding their way to a holy sacred space.

Joining in this ancestral dance of old,

I rise to the song of Gaia’s sweet tune,

I sing to the rhythm of stories untold

And rest in the green cool arms of repose.

Sitting on the cool rise of a hill,

My spirits lift, my weariness arose

Sitting on the cool rise of a hill.


~CWylde © 2016

She – Day 20 OctPoWriMo

Day 20’s prompt for OctPoWriMo is white. So many images came up, but one that stands out is how clean and open a child is, even one who has experience abuse and trauma. The form is a Tetractys. What an interesting form. I wrote a Double Tetractys. As you have more than likely gathered, my focus is how strong women are and how amazing we are. So, here I offer Day 20 – She



Pure heart

Open soul

Believing you

Trusting your embrace, trusting your sweet kiss.

She grew up a woman stronger than you,

See her power

Feel her love,

Know her.


~CWylde © 2016


Day 19 – OctPoWriMo – She Stands

I am playing catch up with the last three days of OctPoWriMo due to massive moves in my life right now. The prompt for Day 19 was Tree. When I think of a tree, I think of the strength of a woman. The format is an Ode – a tribute or praise of something. So, here is my ode to a Tree.

She Stands


She stands majestically,

Limbs outstretched embracing all she loves,

Roots anchored deep in the Mother’s womb,

Legs, her trunk, strong and able.

Her hair wild and free as it blows

With the winds of change.

She bends when she needs to,

Never once breaking under the storms

That threaten her resolve.

No, she is a tree, standing strong,

Her heart knows from where she comes.

Mother, Maiden, Crone,

She stands, often alone,

But always knowing.

She stands majestically.


~CWylde © 2016

Dawn Sighs

Day 18 of OctPoWriMo today! Today’s prompt is senseless. The word conjures so much, and it would have been easy to have gotten embroiled in what is at the forefront at most minds. Instead, the feelings that came to my mind are those that are felt when a lover is present in a space of such deep love just as dawn is waking the world. That time when the senses are still asleep and the world holds its breath.

The format to day is Free Form – a favorite of most poets. Enjoy!

Dawn Sighs


Dawn rises with its cool azure hues

Whisking into my mind

Settling into my consciousness.

The world holds it breath


Waiting for whispered scents

Finding their way into


Quiet reflection leaves me


In the empty quiet hours

Of dreams and fantasy


Your arms wrap around me

Bringing me to soft



I sigh.


~CWylde © 2016

Sweet Grace

Day 17 of OctPoWriMo is here! The prompt is Savory. The word brings up food, but I related it to my life experiences. A lot of that lately, to be sure. The form is in a sonnet, but I took some liberties in this. Mainly because on a strict level, I wanted to experience more. So here it is! Savory plays the part of embracing the sweetness of me and my inner self.

Sweet Grace

If I moved within my own dreams of time,

All my possibilities would rise to the stars,

And yet, I find myself lacking a reason or rhyme

In my own little universe cast afar.

I dreamed, oh, how I dreamed when I was young,

Believing in fairy tales, unicorns, fields of gold.

With sparkling sweet pixie dust held on my tongue

I made my will known with words so bold.

No knight in shining armor rode his steady steed,

No brilliant shining being whisked me away.

No, I became a woman whose heart began to bleed

With sorrows untold until one glorious day

I found myself staring at sweet beautiful grace,

I saw myself laughing at such angst and dismay.


~CWylde © 2016