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Day 25 – OctPoWriMo – Everlasting

Well, here we are in the last week of OctPoWriMo – day 25. The prompt today is Red. when I think of red, it’s about passion. Love between two lovers. So, this is the impetus of this poem. The passion found between two lovers that only get stolen moments in time and dream of a time they will have forever. The form is in Harrisham Rhyme. A new one for me, but as with other this month, one that I really like.



Hearts enfolded into each other,
Safeguarding what is shared between them,
Gathered in soft cocoons, lover to lover.
Dreaming of a time from which bonds stem.
Grateful for each moment they discover
Fulfillment in everlasting time, just for them.


~CWylde © 2016


I Will

Today in OctPoWriMo Day challenge, a loop poetry form in the way of a love poem was suggested. It is an interesting format and one that lends itself well to today’s love poem.

I Will

I could write of everlasting love,
Love that transcends all others.
Others have done so magnificently,
Magnificently written of love everlasting.

Instead, I write of the simplicity of love,
Love that transcends all other love,
Love that brings me to my knees,
Knees bent in complete adoration.

You see, my love, you are my heart and soul,
Soul of my heart, and love perfected,
Perfected in its expression so simple,
Simple in its kisses so tender.

I willing give you all that I am.
Am I that meaningful to you?
You, who moves through my being,
Being the amazing piece of me?

So I will write of everlasting love,
Love that transcends all others,
Others have written such masterpieces,
Masterpieces that last a life time.

I write to you today of my love,
Love that is far more than you know.
Know I am yours with each breath taken,
Taken with each sign given.

I am yours if you will have me,
Me, as I’m standing arms wide open.
Open to all that love has to offer.
Offer me your heart.

I will.

©CamWylde 2015