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Day 24 – OctPoWriMo – Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons – Whee!

Here it is, already! Day 24 for OctPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is “fantastical.” I love this possibility. The form is a new one called the Lento. So, without anymore, enjoy!

Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons – Whee!

Soar with wings of gossamer possibilities,
Adore those wishes, rise in extraordinary blisses.
Folklore abounds in marvelous potentialities,
Restore life’s promises in fairytale guesses.
Brownies frolic and dance abandoned,
Daisies flutter wild and free.
Merries, delights, and joys suddenly appear,
Fairies, unicorns, dragons – whee!

~CWylde © 2016