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Three Words

Wind howling calling to mind …

Deep imaginings anchored
In a time when risk meant
Losing everything to three words
Rich in meaning and filled with Emotions so strong, it scared me.
Here I stand gazing calmly
Into the darkened wishing well
Of fairytales and myths told
Long ago to a girl innocent,
Vulnerable to biases and lies.
Instead of wishing for love,
I wish for a change of heart,
That says I can love you
Regardless of what “they” say
Is right or wrong, true or false.
Those three words mean
The world to me as I say them now.
I love you, with all I have and
Knowing the risk is worth it all.

~ CWylde © 2017


OctPoWriMo – Day 27 – Favorite Scent

Day 27 of OctPoWriMo! Wow, this month is almost over. Today’s prompt is favorite scent. While the Camillia is my favorite flower and I love the scent of the flower along with jasmine, magnolia, and gardenia. I have to say that still my favorite scent is the rose. So, today I write of roses. The format is a Ghazal. Quite different and challenging. I am not sure I did the form absolutely correctly, but hey! I gave it a shot. Enjoy!

Wylde Roses

Time passes, lovers come and go, but lingering still are roses.
Given in promises, taken in acceptance, loving the roses.

Two hearts, two beings, separate somehow, united in becoming,
Small tokens that speak what words cannot, bonded in roses.

Red, yellow, white, all with hidden messages,
Only the two who share intent of it all speak with roses.

Give to her a note, a card, a jewel to fit her wrist,
She’ll smile, she’ll hug, but seal it with a kiss of roses.

Pay attention to the meaning of the Wylde missive,
As she holds on tight to the lessons of the roses.


~CWylde © 2016


Day 25 – OctPoWriMo – Everlasting

Well, here we are in the last week of OctPoWriMo – day 25. The prompt today is Red. when I think of red, it’s about passion. Love between two lovers. So, this is the impetus of this poem. The passion found between two lovers that only get stolen moments in time and dream of a time they will have forever. The form is in Harrisham Rhyme. A new one for me, but as with other this month, one that I really like.



Hearts enfolded into each other,
Safeguarding what is shared between them,
Gathered in soft cocoons, lover to lover.
Dreaming of a time from which bonds stem.
Grateful for each moment they discover
Fulfillment in everlasting time, just for them.


~CWylde © 2016

Dawn Sighs

Day 18 of OctPoWriMo today! Today’s prompt is senseless. The word conjures so much, and it would have been easy to have gotten embroiled in what is at the forefront at most minds. Instead, the feelings that came to my mind are those that are felt when a lover is present in a space of such deep love just as dawn is waking the world. That time when the senses are still asleep and the world holds its breath.

The format to day is Free Form – a favorite of most poets. Enjoy!

Dawn Sighs


Dawn rises with its cool azure hues

Whisking into my mind

Settling into my consciousness.

The world holds it breath


Waiting for whispered scents

Finding their way into


Quiet reflection leaves me


In the empty quiet hours

Of dreams and fantasy


Your arms wrap around me

Bringing me to soft



I sigh.


~CWylde © 2016

My Greatest Accomplishments

Day 16 for OctPoWriMo – the prompt is in-depth written in the Nonet format. Today, after all the unwanted drama, I got to spend time with my children. They are both grown women with their own children (one of whom is spending the night with me tonight) and I am amazed at how wonderful they are. If I can call it that, raising them has been my greatest accomplishments.

My Greatest Accomplishments


Of all my greatest accomplishments,

In all of life’s fulfilled moments,

Holding my babies sweet,

Feeling their skin soft,

My heart is full.

Life is bliss,




~CWylde © 2016

Love, Shall We Gaze?

Today’s prompt for OctPoWriMo, Day 10, is unfolding. The format is a wrapped refrain. What I love about this form is the structure and unlimited possibility to write of what I feel deep inside my heart. I hope you enjoy this one. I sure did!

Love, Shall We Gaze?

Ah, I can see the sigh in your eyes,

With each soft glance stolen sans lies.

I can feel the touch of your breath,

As you kiss me in tender depth.

We could reach the infinite stars dancing with glee

With the dream of our lives as one, ah, I can see.

Love, shall we gaze as worlds collide

And rejoice as they watch with pride?

Let us fly in exultation,

We will soar in celebration.

Moments turn into hours, hours into days,

Days spent in love’s triumphant voice, Love, shall we gaze?

~CWylde © 2016

Easy Love

Day 9 of #OctPoWriMo is written in the cascade form. The prompt word is Spiral. When I think of a spiral, I think of how a man and woman in love become so entwined and so connected, it is an infinite spiral of knowing each other. Enjoy!

Easy Love

There is a moment when love becomes easy,

With knowing glances a man and woman hearts rise above.

They hold each other in respect and honor.

That moment when two become so complete,

No more words are needed to prove their love,

There is a moment when love becomes easy.

A man and woman in love choose each other’s heart,

No longer in lust, they see the beauty through the eyes.

With knowing glances a man and woman hearts rise above.

He sees each curve and soft touch as love’s perfection,

She sees each nuance of voice and touch as love’s wonderment,

They hold each other in respect and honor.


~CWylde © 2016