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Day 28 – OctPoWriMo – Grains of Sand

Day 28 of OctPoWriMo takes a little different slant. The prompt challenge for today is Sea Shells. There were two suggestions for the poem format, a Monorhyme and Shape Poetry.
I’ve done the monorhyme before but have never tackled a shape poem. So, I took a few liberties, mainly because of the formatting requirements of wordpresse. I tried to take the shape of a shell, but who knows? Anyway, here is Grains of Sand!

     Grains of Sand

Grains of
sand warm, gentle
Memories rise sentimental
Waves  become inconsequential
Salt air …..       fundamental
In my recollective transcendental
Beach foraging through glistening shell.
Conch, mollusk.          None are incidental,
All are treasures to hold.    All essential.
Each are a study in ties    to the mystical
Oceanic tides that rise and fall.    So magical.
You see, this knowing is so …         fundamental,
Even a child sees water from womb, it’s classical
Arms of motherly bonds.             The pinnacle
Of all the world’s  connective miracle,
And understanding our desirable
Beginnings. My dear it’s incredible!
Grains of

~CWylde © 2016


Ain’t It Sublime

Day 13 – Flowing

So many times we get caught up in making things happen and wishing for better. When we release and let go, it works! That is what came to mind today.


Ain’t It Sublime


How I longed for continuous rhyme,

In each breath I struggled for more time.

The woman in the mirror stared back – a mime.

Silent smiles, whispered wishes, dreams prime

For letting go, setting free, ending the dreaded climb.

Deep breaths released each struggle, each self-afflicted crime.

This is when I heard my heart song chime.

This is when I finally became ready for a new paradigm.

Doors opened, fresh air swooshed in, it was high time.

I dance, I play, I sing, I write, I paint – ain’t it sublime?


~ CWylde © 2016