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Day 29 – OctPoWriMo – Topsy-Turvy

Day 29! OctPoWriMo prompt today is Upside Down. My mind went to how one minute things seem out of control and fear abounds and the next peace and calm prevail through the storm. The form is Acrostic. I like this form and have used it often. Hope you enjoy Topsy-Turvy!



Threw caution to the wind,
Opened all those closed doors,
Parted the Red Sea of my walls,
Sent those fearful demons on their way
Yo-yoing back and forth each and every day.

Truth be told, I thought they were gone,
Until the world became so crazy again.
Reality seems to have left us all.
Vanity and ego, the way of the norm,
Yet, I seem at peace now, living through the storm.


~CWylde © 2016