Day 22 – OctPoWriMo – Election Blues

Ah, Day 22 of OctPoWriMo – Dangerous. The current election cycle brings to mind a perfect offering for the concept of dangerous. The format is in Trolaan. A different form, but what fun to write! So, here it is, my friends! Election Blues!

Election Blues


Hatred is too strong a word,

Hair raising frustration might be better,

Hazardous storms coming to our world,

Hellfires a’blazing right to the letter.


Absent the niceties and pleasantries,

Acidic tones, harsh words, toxic glares

Abhorrent behaviors rampant with no penalties,

Absurd performances, taking on airs.


Bellowing, roaring unfair dealings

Blistering retorts lascivious deeds,

Babbling overseers express their feelings

Backroom exchanges sprouting seeds.


Effigies will be written in long winded scrolls,

Egotists huff and puff in shortened phrases,

Educated decisions? Watch the straw polls,

Endorsements? No matter, conclude these phases!


~CWylde © 2016

















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